Pink Moon and Coronavirus Pandemic

pink moon

Looking at the Pink Moon during the wee hours of another day under the lockdown of Coronavirus Pandemic 2020 I wrote these two poems. I hope you will enjoy them.

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Snowy Night, a Winter’s Dream

“I love the snow for what it is –
Of dreams and stars that spark,
Of clouds and tears.
Some say it’s angels in the dark.

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Looking UP: Unique Street Lamps from Bucharest, Romania #Im4Ro

A Farola fernandina design lamp post from Bucharest against a blue sky

This past holiday I chose to look up, towards the sun, the sky and the buildings’ roofs and I discovered unique street lamps in Bucharest, Romania. I discovered some surprising sights that put a smile on my face and sparked my writer’s brain (or so I liked to imagine).

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Trick or Treat Night Halloween Haiku

How do you call fear of Halloween

Trick or Treat Night, a friendly Halloween Haiku

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