As Good as Gold – Why, Hedgehog?

a dog by a stream

Just over the meadow, just over the hill,
Where the grass is greener and the stream runs slow,
There’s a spot that many walk past and few really know.
Here’s where puppy likes to go and explore.

He came here today,
He’s here right now.
Oh, puppy,
Watch out!

Just over the meadow, were the trees grow tall
And the shade is thick and the grass is soft,
Puppy rolls all over then he lies dead, sloshed.
This is his kingdom; he’s the King, the servant and the fool…

But something’s new in the grass today…
It pricked his nose
And his behind.

Just over the meadow and right down the hill
A puppy yelps and licks his snout; something’s amiss!
His Kingdom’s been invaded, time for attack!
The growl troops are summoned while the tail’s tugged for retreat…

Puppy tiptoes,
Takes a peek.
Sniffs carefully….
What IS that squeak?

Just over the meadow, hidden in the green, lush grass,
A creature as small as a… ball wanders about.
Not quite round, with pointy nose and… needles, no doubt!
“What is the use of those?” barks puppy from afar.

Two beady eyes
Smile at pup.
“What is the use of a tail?”
The creature asks.

Just over the meadow, right down the hill,
A puppy and a hedgehog sit together, two chums.
And chat of this and laugh at that, mostly insects and bugs,
Then they both roll around, each one on his meadow half.

For a Kingdom at war is of use to none.
Better share and make friends with your strange neighbour,
Enjoy together a snack, there are plenty about
And share the shade, lots of it to go around.

© Patricia Furstenberg

As Good as Gold - dog poems
As Good as Gold – Why, Hedgehog? by Patricia Furstenberg

Some reviews for As Good as Gold, that Why Hedgehog is an extract from:

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“There is something truly magical about this wonderful collection” (Susan Day, Editor and Author)

Haiku-San, St. Bernard Dog, #Haiku #Sunday #HaikuSan

St. Bernard Dog, a Sunday Haiku: Haiku-San

St. Bernard Dog Haiku
St. Bernard Dog Haiku

A calm rock of fur

Dependable, loyal, fun.

Trusty St. Bernard.


I hope you enjoyed this St. Bernard Dog Haiku. You might also like to read the poem Bailey the Sea Dog.

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What I really liked about the book is that it is seen through the eyes of a dog but there isn’t an attempt to make every poem sentimental about it being man’s best friend.” (5*, Peter, Amazon TOP 1000 Reviewer)

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I chose the name Haiku-San as it derives from Haiku, meaning unusual verse in Japanese (hai=unusual, ku=verse, strophe) and San, the honorific Japanese title when speaking about people. San is also the phonetic transcription of the first syllable of the English word Sunday, Sun-day hence Haiku-San, a Sunday feature on Alluring Creations involving Haiku I write.

Text and Haiku-San © Patricia Furstenberg.

(Image courtesy Pixabay)

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