My Top Five Heroines of all Time

top five heroines all time

Thinking of my top five heroines of all time I only had to look into my heart.

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Writing Tip-offs from Fine Authors

writer tip-off fine authors

Consider this an early Christmas prezzie: a collection of some of my favorite writing tip-offs from some fine authors.
Every once in a while, you could say during a writer’s block or a dry spell, I try to discover what worked for other writers. How they moved forward. What is it that made them persevere. It inspires and encourages me and it fuels me with energy for the day ahead.
Sometimes we just need a moment’s lift.

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13 Books to Read at Halloween

13 books to read on Halloween

13 unique books for thriller fans and the enthusiasts of the macabre or sombre comedy to read at Halloween time. If you like to sleep with your lights on, pick one book from my 13 for Halloween list.

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