Lurid, Autumn’s Gold

Lurid, Autumn's Gold

Lurid can symbolize the translucent shade of autumn leaves, its gold, but it can also fade into a dying pale-yellow.

The morning mist enveloped autumn’s shades
And auburn, crimson, scarlet –
They all paled
And blended into lurid,
The yellow pale.
Beneath the nascent sky.

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Russet Leaves and Sweet Pears in Autumn

autumn russet and a pear @PatFurstenberg

You know that feeling, that sentiment that russet leaves and sweet pears give you in Autumn?

He didn’t care that the leaves had turned. All he cared about was his friend, missing.
School had started.
So he let himself drop among the russet, carmine and maroon leaves, and became one with Autumn.

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Autumn’s crimson battle and a Ferrari

Autumn. crimson leaves and a shaggy happy dog - quote @PatFurstenberg.jpg

It is here, between the spiraling leaves, Autumn’s crimson battle and a Ferrari!

It has been a long, crimson battle for the shaggy warrior, but he won it. Nevertheless, the carmine bodies of his opponents, the Autumn’s subjects, littered the ground.

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Autumn and a Cat with Gamboge Eyes

gamboge. autumn @PatFurstenberg

If you’re lucky you get to witness Autumn capturing the last heat of the summer’s sun in its deep yellow leaves, like a cat with gamboge eyes.
Gamboge canopy.
Powdery like saffron, spicy like mustard.

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Autumnal Sepia and a Letter from a Squid

Autumn Sepia @PatFurstenberg

Autumnal Sepia and a Letter from a Squid are my thoughts on subdues autumnal colors.

When I think of sepia, first to come to mind are treasured family mementos on small squares of glossy paper with laced edges, or the 1930’s “pearl” colored MGM movies.
Yet sepia is also one of Autumn’s gifts.

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