Lurid, Autumn’s Gold

Lurid, Autumn's Gold

Lurid can symbolize the translucent shade of autumn leaves, its gold, but it can also fade into a dying pale-yellow.

The morning mist enveloped autumn’s shades
And auburn, crimson, scarlet –
They all paled
And blended into lurid,
The yellow pale.
Beneath the nascent sky.

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Look Closer. From Details to the Big Picture. What am I? Yellow

See the big picture, they say. No, better be detail oriented. Actually no, details weigh us down, considering the overall situation is the way forward, the perspective.

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Secrets Hidden in a Book Cover

Silent Heroes by Patricia Furstenberg

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a book cover surely tells an entire story, giving out clues to the unexpected secrets hidden inside the pages it guards.

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Autumn and a Cat with Gamboge Eyes

gamboge. autumn @PatFurstenberg

If you’re lucky you get to witness Autumn capturing the last heat of the summer’s sun in its deep yellow leaves, like a cat with gamboge eyes.
Gamboge canopy.
Powdery like saffron, spicy like mustard.

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Feuille-Morte and A Nightingale in Autumn

So many facets to Feuille-Morte and A Nightingale in Autumn, as many as fall colors.

Autumn is splashing out its colors, giving away her best dead leaves, feuilles mortes. If I would describe Fall to you as the season with brownish-orange dry leaves, would I get your attention?

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