Maroons, Autumn’s Chocolates

Maroons Autumn's chocolates, chestnuts on forest floor

As Autumn fades into Winter, I find myself longing for roasted chestnuts. Prickly, like the history of their maroons shades, they are Autumn’s chocolates.

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Amber, Autumn’s Dragonfly Moment Captured in a Leaf

amber autumn dragonfly moment

It all started with a dragonfly in amber. Dragonfly, the epitome of a perfect moment. Amber, the symbol of courage. The courage to live in the moment, for each moment is perfect. And Autumn captured it for eternity. dragonfly amber symbol courage

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Auburn Autumn and Acorns

auburn leaves autumn

Flirting with the last of the sunlight, Autumn let down her leaves so that his gold rays catch the shivers of red in her stems, the last bursts of life. Thus, Auburn was born, a color to remind us that there was life in the papery rasp underfoot.

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Carnelian Autumn and Butterscotch

cornelian leaves butterscotch

Seeing from afar, carnelian (or cornelain) leaves are Autumn’s attempt at making… butterscotch.

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Scarlet Autumn and Chestnuts, Shades of Fall

autumn with scarlet lips @PatFurstenberg

Welcome to Scarlet Autumn and Chestnuts, Shades of Fall.

Dressed today only in russet and sepia, underneath a cloak of raindrops, Autumn painted her lips scarlet to match her passion for life.
Whoever said Autumn if full of dead lives hasn’t seen her jumping through puddles.

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