Classical or Innovative, Glass and Brick in Bucharest #Im4Ro

Be it classical or innovative, the futuristic glass architecture shakes hands with classical, elegant brick structures more often than some would want in Bucharest, Romania.

Classical or Innovative, Glass and Brick in Bucharest. Bucharest Royal Courthouse Curtea Veche Vlad Tepes
Bucharest, the Royal Courthouse, Curtea Veche, of Voivode Vlad Tepes reflected in a futuristic glass building

Zlatari Church on Calea Victoriei, Bucharest, reflected in the glass walls of an innovative office building from across the street. My daughter took this picture:

Zlatari Church, square photo
Zlatari Church, Bucharest
Classical or Innovative, Glass and Brick in Bucharest. Bucharest, old neoclassical, new glass buildings on Victoria Avenue, Calea Victoriei
Bucharest, old neoclassical, new glass buildings on Victoria Avenue, Calea Victoriei

One of our favorite bookshops in Romania is Carturesti, where one can spend whimsical hours, undisturbed. The shop below is on a narrow street, in a refurbished old building.

View towards the roof…

Carturesti Carusel Bookshop

… and a view of the door:

Carturesti bookshop Lipscani, Bucharest
Carturesti Carusel Bookshop, the one on Lipscani Street, Bucharest. “Book. Tea. Music. Frills.”

Among countless other bookshops, there are about eight Carturesti bookshops in Bucharest alone. Here’s another one, Carturesti Verona. Don’t be fooled by he modest one story entrance. The shop is a maze of rooms and floors and it had a restaurant with a garden at the back!

Carturesti Verona, Bookshop
Carturesti Verona, Bookshop

I love the entrance door to Carturesti Verona. The old wooden door was kept untouched, but a glass-panel door was added. The various rooms displaying books, CDs, gifts, teas… kept the original doors:

You can enjoy stories about Bucharest in my blog post Vlad Tepes, Bucharest, and a Medieval Curse out of Context. For simply unusual sights and seeings, Look Up in Bucharest with me.

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31 Replies to “Classical or Innovative, Glass and Brick in Bucharest #Im4Ro”

  1. The mix of old style and new style is not always fortunate, but your examples seem to be elegant and pleasing to the eye. Love the idea of photographing old buildings reflected in the glass of new buildings. You are an artist, Patricia.

      1. I should send you a pic of my old high school Liceul Șincai… you remember the beautiful building. And they are building a glass-horror nearby. It’s awful!!!! They cut trees for it. I’m telling you, the mayor who approved that should be in jail!!!!! And I live close by so I have to see it every day. 🙂 Oh, well…

        1. Oh, hard to imagine. And cutting trees makes it worst…
          Sincai Highschool is a stunning building and still perfect for nearing its centenary 🙂 It was designed by the first Romanian female architect 🙂

          1. You know so many things. I’m impressed. I tried to take a picture of the two buildings yesterday, but the sun wasn’t in the right place, and this morning I was in a hurry… One of these days…

            1. Thank you so much, Jo. I have a soft spot for architecture.
              Maybe you will try again to take that picture 🙂

  2. Thanks Patricia. I do like the way these smaller older buildings are appreciated for their history and charm. I think I see that you did share a door with us. Good luck working through everything for the article. That must be a challenge.

  3. Times are changing and so is architecture. The pictures are lovely. Reflections in glass facades. Would love to visit one of these book stores. Would be a blissful experience.
    To old and new times. Let’s hope both can exist in peace, respecting each other’s significance.
    Great sharing, Patricia.

    1. Thank you, Terveen.
      Oh, the Carturesti bookshops! 🙂 One can spend an entire day in it and still wish to return.

      Isn’t it? Like grandchildren and grandparents, sharing a great time.

  4. So many book shops- so little time! I have really enjoyed this tour of glass and brick buildings in Bucharest. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Isn’t it, Susan? Never quite enough time to browse all those rooms 🙂
      It was a real pleasure going down the memory lane. Thank you for joining me 🙂

  5. I like what you did with the reflections and I like that last shot. I prefer a mix of old, classic buildings and the modern ones rather than just modern ones, especially the skyscrapers. I love bookstores, so it would be fun to explore all of these. 🙂


  6. I do appreciate your accolades, Janet! Isn’t it, old and new can bring up the best in one another.

    And I hope that one day, when you will visit Romania, you will get to visit one of the many Carturesti bookstores. Just set aside a day 😉

    1. Ah, thank you 🙂 Yes, she has an eye for details.

      And that’s a modern building, can’t remember why the windows were so uneven!

  7. I agree with you on the entrance door of Carturesti Verona. Old meets new, change is the only constant, but I still like the old architecture. Thanks for sharing, Pat. Great post and photos.

  8. Like an old, trusted friend 🙂
    I love the atmosphere inside. You can find an armchair all for yourself, or seat cross legged between two bookshelves, and no one will bother you.

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