Knock-Knock, Opening a Door on ‘Touch Wood’

Sibiu wooden doors, Christmas doors

Knock-knock,’ I chuckle to myself as I knock on the wooden closet, ‘the work on my next book is going so well, touch the wood!’ And ‘mum’s the word!’ ~ Am I being irrational by succumbing to a positive superstitious belief? Or do I actually improve my performance in a subsequent task by engaging in such credulous thoughts and behaviors? Never mind keeping to a rigorous writing schedule! It feels magical, so it’s got to be, right? 😉

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The Medieval and Legendary Small Square of Sibiu

Small Square Sibiu view to Council Tower, Turnul Sfatului at night

I met the medieval, legendary, and quaint Small Square at night time, in the Citadel of Sibiu. Once part of the medieval city walls and of the second fortification of Sibiu, Hermannstadt, (built after the Mongol invasion), today it’s quiet, keeping to the shadows, taking shelter behind its many archways. The picturesque Small Square looks shy of new visitors. But as my footsteps echoed on its cobblestones, its fabulous history came alive in front of my eyes.

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