Small Square Sibiu, Transylvania, Whimsical Decor, #Im4Ro #ThursdayDoors

Small Square in whimsical city of Sibiu, Transylvania, hides many quaint places not only secret passages and curious eyes on its roofs.

Small Square Sibiu,by night. quaint coffee bench in a bathtub and Christmas lights

A coffee shop at Christmas time!

For all travel lovers, as well as the door lovers who gather over at Dan Antion’s blog each week for Thursday Doors.

10 Replies to “Small Square Sibiu, Transylvania, Whimsical Decor, #Im4Ro #ThursdayDoors”

  1. These are very interesting pictures, Patricia

    1. I thought so too, Dan. 🙂
      We saw the arrangement with Christmas lights first, the evening we arrived in Sibiu.
      I guess the following morning it was way before opening time 🙂

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