Doors from Bucharest or Paris? Guess!

Thursday Doors, Bucharest or Paris, guess game

Can you tell where doors originate just by looking at them, Bucharest or Paris, and will you play the game and guess – just for fun?

Only 14 doors, guess, then hold the mouse over or tap the image to find out the door’s origin, Bucharest or Paris – there’s no right or wrong, it’s fun!

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A History of Furstenberg: Coins, a Castle, Porcelain, and a Street

History Furstenberg

Tracing the history of name Furstenberg I discovered some coins, perhaps part of a treasure found in a castle, as well as porcelain fit for a King residing on a Parisian Street.

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Looking at Skulls in the Catacombs of Paris

Looking at Skulls in Paris Catacombes

I guess I am one of the very few for which looking at skulls in the Catacombs of Paris means a great holiday – yet I do know that my daughter and my favorite author, Kathy Reichs, fall in the same category. Bones are the very last of our earthly traces and a proof of the existence of life itself. Bones symbolize that life is indestructible and they symbolize resurrection too (in Jewish tradition). Yet bones constantly remind us of our own mortality and of our feeble presence in this world.

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